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Formal Paper 3: Brennan Exhibit Project Final Draft

Austin Davis FYS: The Power of Maps Mapping for Empire: How Maps Empower the Imperialist As part of the Imperial mindset of the empires of the past, empires worked to justify their way of life and behavior around the world. Whether that be the African Slave trade, conquest of the Americas, the genocide against Native

Formal Paper 3: Brennan Maps Exhibit Draft

Austin Davis FYS: The Power of Maps Mapping for Empire: How Maps Empower the Imperialist The human record looks to have limitless bounds of violence, pillaging, murder, and conquest littered throughout every era. From early civilizations of the Roman Empire and the Mongol Horde to the domination of European nation states around the world to

Weekly Writing 9: Reading Yourself!: Portfolio Review

As I go over my writing portfolio for this semester, I feel that I have overall positive feelings for the writing that I have done. Let’s start with the free writing section. I feel that this section is fine as I explore the free writing prompts in class with detail, but also my reflections on

Free Writing #10

“Nearly 2,300 years before him, Plato proclaimed: ‘we have learned everything there is to learn…Seeking and learning is all remembrance'”(Turchi 224). I find this sentence to be quite interesting as Turhci shows the hubris that Plato and many other famous philosophers, scholars, and academics held to be true. But also Turchi wants us to understand

Free Writing #9: Thanksgiving Map

Another map that could be included in trying to explain American Thanksgiving is to show the current reservations of Native Americans across the country. In doing so, this shows the truth of the conquest and murder of the Native Americans that was committed by European settlers and not the “Thanksgiving story” of everyone getting along.

Free Writing #8: Explaining Thanksgiving

I think that an interesting thing to further explain Thanksgiving are the damages done by deep frying turkeys. Every year, I hear about fires and injuries caused by deep frying turkeys during Thanksgiving. I think it would be interesting to see the damages done from this Thanksgiving tradition for some Americans.

Formal Paper 2: Mapping the Details Draft

Austin Davis FYS: The Power of Maps Understanding Fousang When an author writes, an artist paints, or an architect designs, specific details are used to capture the message the are writing about, or the message the portray, or the message they construct. Cartographers also use details to construct a purpose to the maps they create

Weekly Writing #8: Writer’s Choice

For this weekly writing, I would like to discuss in the search of source that I found interesting that we discussed in class. One of the maps in our group’s set was the map “North America, As Divided Amongst the European Powers” by the English mathematician Samuel Dunn. While I was browsing the many notes

Free Writing #7

The map is depicting the neighborhood of Boylan Heights, North Carolina are showing a divide of the residents living on the hill and those at the bottom. In the first map of the jack-o-lantern distribution, this divide comes up. There is a large cluster of pumpkins in the northern/top of the neighborhood, but as you

Weekly Writing #7: Collecting Sources

Dunn, Samuel. A New and Easy Method of Finding the Latitude on Sea or Land: Having Two Altitudes of the Sun and the Time Elapsed between the Two Observations, Measured by a Watch or Other Time-Keeper. by Samuel Dunn, Teacher of Mathematics. Eighteenth Century Collections Online. London: Printed, for the Author, 1778. I found this source