Free Write Reflection: Khan, “Black Lives Matter: Demanding Social Transformation, Justice and Equality”

I attended Janaya Khan’s Black Lives Matter event in Moyer Hall. As I walked in, I found a packed room of students, faculty, and alumni waiting to hear what Khan had to say. Finding a spot to sit on the left side of the event space in the aisle, I waited patiently while prepping some note taking for the talk. There was some controversy apparently that occurred with former Mules being upset at the school’s decision to have the event. Having heard that, I felt that there was some tension but also curiosity to hear what they had to say and how the audience would react. Overall, I found the points that Khan made to be very solid. When, they said that some people label BLM as a terrorist group, Khan points out that BLM has never amassed weaponry over committed acts of violence, but just expressing ideas and facts. Another point they made was the fact the FBI in 2009 found that the major threat to the United States was right-wing extremist groups, not people of color or Muslims. However, some politicians didn’t like the truth and under-funding that part of the FBI to obscure the truth. Khan also talked about how truth is ever changing and it is important to have reliable and legitimate sources in a age of so much misinformation. I found this talk to be very informative and a great way to start a dialogue of the times we live in. But it is not by spreading misinformation the next day all around campus anonymously. I look forward to further events by the Center for Ethics.

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