Free Writing #7

The map is depicting the neighborhood of Boylan Heights, North Carolina are showing a divide of the residents living on the hill and those at the bottom. In the first map of the jack-o-lantern distribution, this divide comes up. There is a large cluster of pumpkins in the northern/top of the neighborhood, but as you move down the map, there are less and less pumpkins. Also these pumpkins are not just few in numbers, but far away from each other. In the second map, the households are depicted as different sized and different colored circles that indicate times mentioned in the local newsletter for personal or public matters. Interestingly, the households on the hill have larger circles and a darker color, so, these homes are more ever-present in the eye of the public. What I think Wood is trying to draw upon these two maps is the income inequality that is present in this neighborhood as the public will focus on them and not the poorer people who are trying to get by pay check to pay check.

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