Weekly Writing #5: Creative Writing

The Revolution occurred. The government changed, but the war went on. People wanted peace. The provisional government said the war must go on. “We must fight for the glory of the nation”. The people traded a king for democratic system but the goals remained the same between the regimes. This was a great betrayal. The ways of tradition, glory, and empire remained in this democratic liberal society. The need to preserve the empire was more important than providing the people with peace, land, and bread.

Peace came when the people and the military eventually supported a few radicals. The peace came, land reform occurred, and food was staying home, not on the front. The nation lost much of its territory in the peace, but that was no important to the new government now. It began suppression, censorship, murder, and prison camps to those opposed to the ideology of the regime. Another great betrayal.

But this left the rest of the continent still at war over the petty preservation and expansion of empire. Eventually the west defeated the eastern belligerents and a treaty was drafted. The victors grew their empires while the losing belligerents were dissolved. The map, just like in imperial expansion, the movement of a pen would determine who lived as a minority or who lived liked kings. Off the continent, the victors, in tradition fashion of their experience, carved up the rest of the world away from the losers. It’s funny. The victors claim to be the great bastions of society, preaching self-determination, democratic order, and peace. But, they hold vast empires spanning the entire world with a variety of people who have no say in the matter of this irony of a self-determined democratic empire. They would learn to give up empire, but it will cost them another world war.

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