Weekly Writing #6: Analyzing Evidence: 10 on 1

Ten details I found interesting in the Map Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis: Novissima Repraesentatio Quam ex Singulis Recentium Geographorum Tabulis Collecta Luci by Homann, Johann Baptist

  1. The map is written in Latin
  2. The map depicts the Iberian Peninsula, France, and West Africa
  3. The bottom left depicts images of Native peoples in the Americas
  4. The North American is still blank in the North West
  5. In the top right there is
  6. Twice, the Fleur-de-lis is depicted
  7. Canada is referred to as “New France”
  8. The proportion sizes of the landmasses are off
  9. The Great Lakes don’t look correct
  10. The image in the top left has an image of an angle and indigenous peoples surrounding a pyramid

From the detail of the image in the top left:

  • Goal to convert the native peoples to Christianity
  • Display of a religious hierarchy
  • Europeans view the natives as inferior

My question I must ask about the detail is the end goal of European colonization of the Americas. The maker of this map seems to have the intention of Christianizing the indigenous peoples. What does this mean? Assimilation into European society? The genocide of native peoples? Robbing them of their culture? If the independence movements of American colonies never happened, would tribes be left alone? Would European colonization be stopped? There is some evidence of this in British Royal Proclamations. Would indigenous tribes be given representation or autonomy? There are conflicting views by European nations. The English and French allowed tribes to live free from direct rule of the monarch. However, the Spanish and Portuguese assimilated the native populations, creating a cast system, and exploiting the people of the lower casts. Just a few questions and a few ideas of an alternate history.






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