Weekly Writing 9: Reading Yourself!: Portfolio Review

As I go over my writing portfolio for this semester, I feel that I have overall positive feelings for the writing that I have done. Let’s start with the free writing section. I feel that this section is fine as I explore the free writing prompts in class with detail, but also my reflections on events that happened on campus this semester is something I really haven’t done before. I think those were my favorite free writings because it allowed me to reflect and digest the lecture or interview after the fact and to be critical.

Moving onto the weekly writing section, I feel that I did well but wish I could rewrite “Weekly Writing #6: Analyzing Evidence: 10 on 1” because I don’t think I really understood the idea of 10 on 1 with details. I feel I could have choose a different map or different detail, which could have led to a more concise question and more things that the reader can know about the one detail. It feels scrambled. But one weekly writing that I found to be one of my favorites is “Weekly Writing #5: Creative Writing”. I wouldn’t say that I am great at creative writing, but I feel that I have improved in a way. The vagueness, allusions, and informality of the structure of the writing about the First World War and the Russian Revolution that gets the reader to think about the events of the past and how they relate to today. I think overall, most of the weekly writings were fine and helped me how to understand a text through paraphrasing, summarizing, and analyzing the author’s work. Now I don’t think that I have improved much, and I feel that my writing lately is slightly not as good as the beginning of the semester.

Now looking at the drafts of the first two formal papers, there is room for improvement. For my first draft of paper one, I felt I did a good job, but there is an issue of focus in the essay. This also is a similar problem that comes up in my second draft especially. The second draft is all over the place introducing a variety of ideas that make it obvious that the first draft was rushed and lacked focus. When it came to final draft of that essay, focus was still an issue of what I was trying to convey to the reader. I think this one thing that is present in my formal papers but throughout some of my work in the writing portfolio could be a lack of focus. I also feel that I am stuck to the mindset of the five-paragraph essay that is taught in high school. One thing that I wish to improve is the way I write in a formal fashion by using different techniques possibly through a better understanding of 10 on 1. I would also like to improve my writing by refining my preparation of writing an essay. I really don’t plan out where I want to take my essay efficiently beforehand. I usually begin the essay and brainstorm ideas to go in. And some of the ideas that come out of that maybe good, but if I just take steps to plan out my writing more, my writing can be better.

Overall, I am proud of the work I have on my writing portfolio. It got me to write more and really thing about myself as a writer.


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